Sample Assessments

Assessment is a measurable ongoing procedure of recording an individual’s behaviour & characteristic qualities, evaluating the performance & values and assessing the professional capabilities according to the standardized criteria. The main aim of this cyclic process is to gather the accurate data and to process it in the demanded records for using official purposes.

Government & corporate study circles, business organizations, healthcare institutions and taxation department are some of the professional sectors, where an assessment program is conducted and accessed widely. Students, employees, patients and players are some of the individuals being assessed in such a procedure by the teachers, career counsellors, healthcare specialities and professional experts.

Categories of Assessments:

  • Health Assessment
  • Educational Assessment
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tax Assessment, etc

Following steps are very helpful to outline and to conduct a professional assessment procedure:

  • Assessment is conducted by using diverse formats such as a multiple choice questionnaire, online opinion poll, form, face-to face- interview and writing & reading test, etc. Therefore, choose the suitable format for an assessment program.
  • Review if all necessary fields such as the name of individual, address, background performance and marking sections are mentioned clearly in the assessing format.
  • Make sure that chosen assessing procedure must be based on the cyclic models such as assessment design, report & user results, and program objectives, etc.
  • Emphasize upon the defined theories & ideas to screen an individual in this assessing process.
  • Gather the genuine feedback & recital data by measuring an individual’s personality traits, occupational behavioural & social participation characters and certain qualities such as motivation, leadership, punctuality and performance, etc.
  • To complete the assessment, save it into record files and seal it with authorized signatures for the future references.

Thus, an assessment is a planned procedure for evaluating the unique factor & attributes of particular standards and for recording the traits of diverse human personalities.

Sample Assessments

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