10 Different Types of Assessments

Assessment is an act of judging a condition, an event or a person. Assessment is carried out in various sectors like health assessment, educational assessment, political assessment, risk assessment etc. There are different types of assessments. Now we will discuss 10 different types of assessments in this article.

Types of assessments

Formative assessments
Formative assessments are used to monitor and update classroom instruction. There are different types of formative assessments which enable in assessing how students are performing.

Observation falls under the category of formative assessment in which students are observed when they work on a particular project. The teacher supports the students by encouraging them in the work. This observation helps to know how the students work individually and in groups.

Written short answer
This method contains small problems, short answers, and diagrams, it enables the students to express their thoughts and ideas.

Worksheets may be class work or may be homework. This method determines how the student understands the material covered.

Multiple Choice assessment
multiple choice assessments contain a set of multiple choices or, or true / false questions, which help in assessing the understanding of the learners about the subject.

Journal is an effective means of formative assessment. In this students are asked to write their feelings and thoughts about how they are performing in the class. Students can also express their likes or dislikes about a particular assignment. This gives the information of how effective a certain lesson plan was.

Verbal questioning
verbal questioning involves questions and answers on a specific topic, and helps in identifying the verbal skills of the learners.

Diagnostic Tests
Diagnostic tests fall under the category of formative assessment that enables the teacher and administration to find out the proper level of instruction for students. Diagnostics may be used almost in any subject to assess the level of proficiency, understanding and mastery of information. Diagnostic tests help in determining their strong and weak areas in a subject.

Research projects
Research projects are involved in written explanation and practical work. Work should be analyzed and interpreted in different ways, like graphs and charts to explain what was discovered.

Class test
This is involved in assessing the written skills of the learners through small tests on a particular topic. Using the class test, the student’s subject understanding, and skills can be determined. It allows the teachers to guide the students effectively.

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