360 Degree Leadership Assessment

A 360 degree leadership assessment basically refers to the assessment of all-round leadership ability in a certain person who is to take forward a group of people towards some specific objective. Leadership qualities are generally inherent skills, but can also be cultivated with proper training and grooming. The possession of such qualities is not sufficient, it is equally important to develop the skills and have a clear idea of its context and form of application, to achieve the desired target.

Sample 360 Degree Leadership Assessment:

Company name: Techno Group of Industries

Leadership assessment done for: Jacob McKinley

Designation sought for: Manager, Research and Development department

Techno Group of Industries

Purpose of the assessment:

There are a number of companies under the banner of the Techno Group of Industries and the proper functioning of each and all of them are definitely a huge responsibility shouldered by the respective people. Since it involves working with a large base of employees, the manager requires to possess a 360 degree leadership attribute to efficiently master over everybody and involve them in any kind of work, as required by the company. Hence the assessment is to be performed thoroughly to bring out the strengths, weaknesses and areas of development of the respective person.

Factors considered:

  • Ability to offer leadership to individuals as well as to a group.
  • Ability to face the hardest of challenges and emerge successful.
  • Capability to shoulder responsibilities and still perform as a true leader.


A variety of tests have been performed to judge the 360-degree leadership ability of Jacob McKinley [documents and reports enclosed herein] and the evaluation results have determined it well that he will be perfect for the job, given the excellent leadership skills he has portrayed.

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