Annual Self Assessment

Annual self assessment is basically a routine self evaluation carried out annually to examine one’s own progress as within the span of a year. It can be considered as an individual’s own narrative charting the course his life or career took within the period of a year.

Sample Annual Self Assessment

Annual self assessment of: Angela Dawson

Assessment conducted on: January 8, 2012

Age: 21 years

Designation: student

Aim: To analyze the student’s academic performance for the year 2011-2012

Academic performance of the previous year:

  • 80% in science subjects
  • 50% in arts subjects
  • 70% in internal assessments
  • 40% in class performance
  • 55% in projects

Academic performance for this year:

  • 85% in science subjects
  • 56% in arts subjects
  • 66% in internal assessments
  • 35% in class performance
  • 63% in projects

Accomplishments of the year:

  • Took part in several extra-curricular activities.
  • Winner of national level debate competition
  • Got selected for prestigious Gloria scholarship
  • Worked on a project on global warming


  • Significant improvement in internal and external assessments.
  • Further decline in class performance
  • Active participation in various activities that further enriched education.
  • Improvement in social skills.
  • Needs to work on leadership qualities.
  • Needs to be more of an extrovert.


  • Improvement in academic performance in comparison to that of the previous year.
  • Active participation in various events improved social skills and boosted self confidence.

Areas that need improvement:

  • Needs to be more outgoing and upfront.
  • Needs to be more active, attentive and interrogative in classes.
  • Should learn to be more organized and social.

Conclusion: The annual performance shows significant positive improvement from that of the previous year but still shows scope for improvement.

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