Aptitude Career Assessment

An aptitude career assessment is a document which highlights the aptitude of a candidate with respect to his selection of a career. It is often conducted by companies during the process of recruitment in order to select the correct candidates as well as to provide them the opportunity of selecting the right job positions. The report of an aptitude career assessment must be comprehensive and accurate.

Sample Aptitude Career Assessment

Name of candidate: Joshua Robinson

Date of birth: 13th June 1989

Job position applied for: Assistant Secretary

Aptitude career assessment conducted by: Giga Software Inc.

Nature of aptitude career assessment:

  • This aptitude career assessment test is an integral part of our recruitment process. It tests the candidate‚Äôs aptitude for the responsibilities of the job positions he has applied for.
  • The reports of the test are sent to candidates ten days after the test. Candidates are advised to keep the information provided confidential.
  • The tests carry great weight with the selection committee in employing candidates and allotting them suitable job positions.
  • The decisions of the selection committee are final and no arguments will be brooked with regards to this.

Aptitude career assessment of the candidate: [An extract from the complete report]

The candidate has shown admirable aptitude for the job position he has applied to. He is willing to take the responsibilities of the job but there is also a tendency towards impatience which must be worked upon for the success of the candidate as well as the company he will be working for.

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