Army Health Assessment

An army job involves tough physical exertions and superior levels of fitness, both physical endurance skills as well as mental toughness. An army health assessment primarily focuses on testing the fitness levels of a prospective recruit. The report of the army health assessment has documental as well as evidential value, and is usually kept secure and confidential. Passing the army health assessment is important as an individual’s joining the army is hugely influenced by his performance in the army health assessment.

Sample Army Health Assessment:

Name: Calvin Luther

Date of birth: 23rd June 1988

Purpose of army health assessment:

  • This army health assessment is a procedural requirement which every new trainee has to undergo in order to be eligible for selection and deployment when the need arises.
  • The army health assessment is mandatory and any inaccuracy found with regards to this is punishable by law.
  • The army health assessment provides the best picture of a candidate’s resilience, physical toughness and mental strength. The job is difficult and special skills are needed for it which can only be determined by the army health assessment.

Findings of the army health assessment:

  • The candidate has passed his health assessment, the report of which is included with this document.
  • The candidate has passed his physical endurance test with a 6 out of a scale of 10
  • The candidate has no previous history of long illness, or allergies.
  • The army health assessment report is strictly confidential and will be provided to the candidate on a secure link.

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