Art Education Assessment

An art education assessment is basically a document that outlines the evaluation report of an individual’s artistic excellence. It may involve the analysis of a person’s skills in any form of art, such as dance, music, painting, architecture, drama, etc., but what influences the assessment is the candidate’s calibre and knowledge of that particular art form.

Sample Art Education Assessment

New Horizons School of Art

45 – H/ II, Loudon Street

New York

Name of the student: Matthew Fernandez

Educational Qualification: Pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Comparative Literature.

Assessment done by: Mr. John De Christiano


Date of assessment: 14th July, 2011

Assessment overview:

  • Matthew had initially presented a video record of one of the best of his dance performances and our jury was highly satisfies with that.
  • He was then called for a stage performance before renowned dancers and many geniuses in this field of art.
  • The candidate had presented some five to six different styles and forms of dance, all of which were equally well choreographed by him and exposed his excellent dance skills to the fullest.
  • He also had to sit before a panel of experts who tested his knowledge regarding this particular form of art that he has chosen as his field of interest. He was asked a number of questions on the history of the evolution of each dance form he showed on stage, in short, and was asked several related questions as well. Matthew could answer most of them with precision and confidence.
  • Personal interview results suggest him to be a true and sincere person by heart who has a tremendously high passion for dance.

New Horizons School of Art has thus decided to involve Matthew Fernandez as a learner in their art school and help him to enhance his skills further.

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