Assistive Technology Assessment

Assistive technology assessment or an ATA is an investigation into the technological needs of an individual or an institution especially in the field of security, medical rehabilitation, speech therapy, educational assistance and so on. ATAs are often conducted by governmental agencies, like educational technology assessments, or by insurance firms, in the case of medical technology assessments. Such ATAs ensure that prompt technology assistance in available to an individual and that the latest innovations in the field are availed of.

Sample Assistive Technology Assessments:

ATA to be provided by: Assistive Technical Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

ATA to be conducted on behalf of: Safety Insurance Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Date of conducting an ATA: 23rd June 2011

ATA conducted on behalf of: Joshua Reynolds, 56 Brad Street London

Purpose of conducting an ATA:

  • To secure the client’s home, as directed by the insurance agency entrusted with insuring his mansion for four billion GBP.
  • To ensure that the client’s house is completely checked as far as security is concerned as per insurance rules of the state.

Parameters examined in the AT screening:

  • Presence of CCTV [closed circuit television cameras] in the house, and their models and their functionality.
  • Connectivity between the mansion and the local police.

Findings obtained:

  • The ATA has found that the mansion is well protected with 45 CCTV cameras and a centrally operative security system with connections to the nearest police station.
  • Upon tests conducted at the site, the time taken for the police to arrive at the first signal is 3minutes.

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