Athlete Assessment

An athlete assessment is an analysis which seeks to investigate an athlete’s fitness, skill and determination to succeed. It is based on the athlete’s performance record, career progress and physical fitness tests. Such an exercise must culminate in an athlete assessment report, a document that lists the findings of the athlete assessment is an orderly and enlightening manner. The purpose of an athlete assessment is to provide data about the individual to prospective recruiters, team selectors and sponsors.

Sample Athlete Assessment:

Name of athlete assessed: Sam Rogers

Date of birth: 12th June 1990

Sport participating in: Cricket

Nationality: British

Athlete assessed by: SportTest Pvt. Ltd

Purpose of athlete assessment:

  • We have been commissioned by the National Cricket Board of England to ensure that the national squad players are clean as far as drugs and doping or performance enhancement steroids are concerned.
  • The latest scandal in world cricket has prompted the authorities to act this way. We are the most credible option the NCB could have resorted to due to our years of experience in dealing with national sports.

Tests conducted on athlete mentioned above:

  • Urine tests
  • Bloodstream tests
  • PSP tests

Findings obtained: The athlete has been found clean of drugs. Hi samples have been tested and retested at the SportTest Pvt. Ltd. laboratory in Manchester and they have been cleared.

For more details contact: 37747657667

This report will be available only at request. Any leak of this report shall result in legal prosecution of the concerned parties.

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