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Career Educational Assessment

A career educational assessment is one that helps in identifying the various educational qualifications acquired before and during the career path. This assessment helps the candidate to understand career attributes in various disciplines. This assessment acts as an educational plan statement for the candidate and the organization as well.

The organization can employ this information to assess the various education programs completed by the employee which helps in nominating the employee for an education program if felt necessary. It assists both an employee and the organization to take correct decisions with regard to utilization of resources for educational training.

Sample Career Educational Assessment

Name of the Student :- Jason Mathews

Address of the Student :- #4, Norton Street, Cheshire, London, CH22

Identity No. of Student :- STL2245

Dear Students you are required to fill in the details on the career education assessment matrix given below which is part of the annual student exercise. The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate each educational subject, personality assessment and lastly enhance your practical work competency. Please answer the matrix according to the personality type you think is most appropriate:

Parameters Considered

Base Education

Higher Education

Conventional Education

Occult Education

Extraversion(Very inspiring and revolutionary thinking)
Introversion(inward thinking and idea generation)
Intuition(future thinking with multiple options in mind)
Judgmental(well planned and meticulous approach)
Perceptional attitude(extremely flexible with options)
Logical thinker(Objective analysis of all things)
Subjective evaluation(Subjective and value based thinking)

Result :- The student has a high sense of duty and proves to be an inspiration to others. Apart from this the student has the potential to give his best in attaining better career goals with a systematic and professional approach.