Basic Skills Assessment

The basic skills assessment is an effective tool for examining specific skills of individuals. This can range from computer skills to English vocabulary skills depending on the requirements. Both commercial set ups and academic institutions can take this up in order to ascertain the level of efficiency and pin point those areas that need improvement. It is important to understand that the basic skills assessment must be constructed keeping in mind all the aspects of the work or task the needs to be executed.

Sample Basic Skills Assessment:

The following basic skills assessment has been conducted by We Educate Ltd for Western Springfield High School.

Basic Skills Assessment for: English Grammar Proficiency

Grades assessed: 11th Grade

Number of students: 50

Method of Assessment: MCQ pattern questions based on grammar as well as Essay Writing and Comprehension Analysis

Overview of Assessment:

  • Vocabulary words:  The students have shown overall proficiency in this aspect. Over 72% of students have scored over 90 out of 100.
  • Synonyms and Antonyms: Overall score is between 70 -80 out of 100. Some students have confused the concepts. More attention needs to be paid in this aspect.
  • Grammar: Most students have attempted the MCQ grammar portion. Yet only 42% of the students have scored above 70%.


  • The 11th grade students have shown familiarity with Basic English language but particular attention must be paid to grammar concepts and their application.
  • It is necessary to conduct another assessment after six months to measure any change.

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