Bilingual Education Assessment

A bilingual education assessment is an investigation into the quality of education offered in a bilingual education course or institution. This is a challenging exercise which must be completed by officials who are not only trained in general education assessments, but who can assess a bilingual structure comprehensively. The results of the assessments can be used to usher in changes that can be beneficial, and hence the recommendations must be implemented well.

Sample Bilingual Education Assessment:

Name of institution offering bilingual education: La belle School of Foreign Languages

Nature of institution: the school is a reputed centre for the education in foreign languages. The languages offered by the school are French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.

Purpose of bilingual education assessment:

  • The bilingual education assessment will not only highlight the advantages of a bilingual education, but will also bring to the fore, any flaws of the school that must be eliminated for it to reach the pinnacle of success.
  • Bilingual education is in great demand by students as the competence in a foreign language is believed to increase job prospects. Hence, it is time that the bilingual education assessments become more frequent.

Facilities offered by La Belle:

  • Degree courses in the said foreign language with certificates issued to successful candidates. These certificates are recognised worldwide and approved by the countries whose languages are being taught.
  • A certificate from this prestigious institution carries great weight with recruiters all over the world and thus is an added advantage for students.

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