Building Insurance Assessment

A building insurance assessment is a document which outlines the manner in which a team of insurance advisors, employees or consultants will approach the insuring of a particular building, especially if the amounts involved are sufficiently high. It is a tricky job and the reports of the investigating committee are presented in the building insurance assessment.

The document must be carefully written since it is crucial to the life and safety of the inhabitants of a building, and an assessment is part of insurance company protocol which must always be adhered to.

Sample Building Insurance Assessment

The following is an extract from a survey conducted by our team of senior insurance consultants on 1st June 2011.

Name of client: Jason Whiner

Location of property:34 Mapleton Avenue,Glassbury,New York

Area: 1900 sq feet.

Use of building: Residential purposes only

Team of assessors:

  • Jonathan Wilderberger
  • Robin Jenny Kevinson
  • Brian Mcluhan
  • Northrop Tom Bishop

Purpose of assessment:

  • To provide feedback to the client regarding potential risks the building poses and suggestions on how to rectify them.
  • To create a comprehensive backup plan for emergencies like building collapse, fire, theft, earthquakes and so on.

Conclusions found:

  • The building being located in an earthquake prone area must be safeguarded against natural calamities. Currently the building did not pass our earthquake inspection tests completely.  [Please check overleaf for complete details].
  • The building also failed our fire drill test, and lack of adequate fire safety measures have exposed the dangers that the building poses to its inhabitants. The permissions and NOCs issued by the municipal headquarters too have lapsed and not been upgraded since last year.
  • A complete overhauling of the wiring system of the building is in the offing and must be completed rapidly for the building to pass the fire safety drill.

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