Building Security Assessment

Building security assessment refers to the process of examining the security of a particular building in order to protect it and the people living or working there from any external threats like robbers etc. A building can mean a house which consists of only one family, an apartment where there are multiple families or a company where a big number of people work every day. It is very important to have sound security measures at all times in the building premises so that the people are protected from theft, intruders and can exist with peace of mind. A responsible or team of responsible individuals must be given the responsibility of maintaining the security of the building and a thorough background check must be done before hiring them.

Sample Building Security Assessment:

Name of building: Sunny Towers

Address: 922 Uphill Drive, New York

Type of building: Apartment

Objective of assessment: To examine the security measures of the building and identify any source that may result in security breach

Assessment and limitations:

  • All the apartments have alarm systems inside the house which are in working condition
  • There is at least one security guard posted outside the apartment who work in 12-hour shifts each

Security requirements:

  • The crime rate in the area has increased by 11% in the last one year
  • Residents must be made aware of the various security measures to be followed in the house and when they enter the apartment so that no one gets a chance to enter the apartment without authorization
  • The locks of the building can be changed into more modern ones

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