Business Analysis Assessment

A business analysis assessment is a document which reviews the functioning of a particular business. It takes into account a number of factors like profit and loss, employee satisfaction, scope and scale of the business etc. The results of the business analysis assessment are documented in a report that is extremely valuable. The information is critical and thus a business analysis assessment must be conducted well.

Sample Business Analysis Assessment

Name of business which is to be analysed: Book Traders Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1992

Nature of business: This business was set up to provide distributors and shopkeepers with direct access to many rare books that are not available in the country otherwise. As a testament to its growing popularity, the business founders expanded and now Book Traders has outlets in most of the major cities of the country.

Purpose and nature of business analysis assessment:

  • This business analysis assessment will identify the factors that have caused losses to the establishment in the last couple of years.
  • It will highlight if there is need for a change of guard at the helm, as well as if job layoffs are necessary.
  • The business analysis assessment will be conducted using SWOT techniques. Every employee shall be given a questionnaire where they can provide their own opinions. Apart from employee feedback, we will analyze the business’s books for the past five years to detect the cause for the lag.
  • The reports tabulated will be circulated to all the concerned departments and appropriate action will be taken to stem the flow.
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