Business Assessment Format

A business assessment format is one which outlines the main tenets of a business assessment. Such an assessment can be carried out of an already existing business or for a new business venture. In the former, it is an annual or quarterly process designed to maintain transparency and accountability whereas in the latter, it assesses risks and profits.

Sample Business Assessment Format

Name of business: _____________________________

Business assessment report prepared by: ______________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of a business assessment format must outline the name and nature of the business for which an assessment is being conducted. In the case of a new business, this becomes all the more important. In order to lend a degree of professionalism to the business assessment report, all details must be included which might help clear doubts. The compilers of the business assessment report must be identified and if it is carried out by an externally hired agency that too must be alluded to.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph of a business assessment format must move on to outlining the purpose of the business assessment and its benefits. In case of a new business venture, the risks associated with it and the profit that can be gleaned from it must be identified. A business assessment must be clear and unbiased. The tools used for business assessment must be clearly referred to.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph of a business assessment must forma suitable conclusion. The findings of the assessment must be summarized n an easy and compact manner. Graphs and other necessary additions must also be presented.

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