Business Assessment Template

A business assessment template is a layout designed to conduct a thorough analysis of a business, whether already existing or about to be started. It must use the recommended analytical tools in order to arrive at some important findings which must then be incorporated in a manner so as to aid the business’s growth and expansion.

Sample Business Assessment Template

Name of business: _______________________ [mention the name of the business which is to be assessed]

Business assessment conducted by: ______________________________ [mention the name of the externally sourced assessment agency]

Business assessment commissioned by: ___________________________ [mention the chief investors or stakeholders of the business to be assessed]

Date of submission of business assessment report: ____________________________ [provide the relevant date]

Nature of business: ________________________ [mention the nature of the business under investigation]

Areas of concern:

  • Area of concern 1: ____________________________
  • Area of concern 2: ____________________________
  • Area of concern 3: _____________________________ [mention the areas of concern or risk areas associated with the business which is to be assessed]

Business assessment tools used:

  • Tool 1: _________________________________
  • Tool 2: _________________________________
  • Tool 3: _________________________________ [Enumerate the tools of assessment used in this business assessment]

Changes recommended by business assessment committee: _____________________________________ [mention few changes that will be beneficial to the business at this stage of its existence]

Final findings of the business assessment: _____________________________________ [Briefly expostulate the findings of business assessment. Provide a summary of the main points in a clear and lucid manner]

For a full report of the business assessment, please refer to our website. Individual’s copies have been circulated to all departments.

Download Business Assessment Template

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