Business Communication Assessment

Business communication is an intrinsic part for the success of a business. A business thrives on people and people can interact only in the form of communication. Thus a business communication assessment is extremely crucial in maintaining the smooth functioning of the business as well as in ensuring that the business reaches out to its clients, patrons, shareholders and every other person involved in it.

Sample Business Communication Assessment

Name of business whose communication systems will be assessed: Gino Tron Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1992

Business communication assessment conducted by: Business Analyzers Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission of business communication assessment report: 23rd June 2011

Purpose of business communication assessment:

  • A business survives on its communication. It is essential that all persons involved with the business, including clients, customers, shareholders etc. are kept updated on decisions taken and the general progress of the business.
  • A business communication assessment also pinpoints the flaws in the system, if any, which can lead to loss of trust on part of shareholders or clients as well as loss of revenue.

Factors considered in the business communication assessment:

  • Both the internal and the external communications system of the business were scrutinized in the business communication assessment.
  • The technological progress in communication systems of a business will also be considered as well as its effectiveness in keeping everyone connected and updated about the events in the business.
  • The business communication network will also be a factor in our review. Its stability as well as technical efficacy will be considered.

[Please check the detailed business communications report attached with this document]

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