Business Needs Assessment

A business needs assessment is a document presented by an organization stating the need or deficiency of a business. Therefore, such an effective tool should outline the important aspects so that a thorough assessment could be performed.

Sample Business Needs Assessment

Name of the company: US Technologies

Prepared by: Richard Norton

Business Need Acquisition

Project Description:

As online shopping is turning out to be a fast growing and evolving process now, the demand of advanced software related to it is also increasing. We are planning to build such software which would make the process of online shopping even more convenient for both seller and buyer. We will have tagging system in this software which would automatically save the data of the customer so that one need have to provide all the data required again at the time of purchase from the same site.

Benefits of the project:

  • Both customers and clients would be benefitted as this software would be build with an intention of making it user friendly.
  • Transaction would be easier and hassle free.
  • New tagging technology would save the required data and no need to fill it again and again during every time of purchasing from the same site


Experienced and professional software designers are required for this purpose. Moreover, we need good acceptance from the intended client’s in order to create need specific software.

Business need:

  • We do not have adequate fund to carry out the expensive designing process of the software.
  • Inadequate strategies made for marketing regulation.
  • We do not have a compatible .NET platform to carry out this work

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