Business Opportunity Assessment

Business opportunity assessment is a document which serves as an assessing tool determining the opportunities related with any particular business. The document should be precise and must outline opportunities they have or in need.

Sample Business Opportunity Assessment

Name of the Company Launching the Business: Dream Beauty Cosmetic Products.

Date of Presenting the Assessment: 20TH July 2011

Nature of the Business:

  • Dream Beauty Cosmetic Products offers skin care and beauty products imbibed with the finer technologies
  • We offer a variety of product ranging from hair oil to face wash.
  • We are also planning to introduce beauty products made out of fruit extracts.

Opportunities Provided for Successful business functioning:

  • A team of expert dermatologists and chemical scholars which gives Dream Beauty an extra edge over the others in the business.
  • Our group of experts create the magic of combing nature and science and so the consumers get the refreshing feel after using our products.
  • Our lab workers take special care of the fact so that our product does not create any side effect or burning sensation after application.
  • We have high technological laboratories that help us create products which do not contain any form of large hydrocarbons.

Opportunities required for smooth business functioning:

  • Better media management staffs are required to take our business to higher levels.
  • Dire need of trained professionals in biochemical extracts has cropped up in our company.
  • Our company also wants management officials so that the administration of the company is also under control and well organised.
  • An even more well knit database handling group will take us to new heights.

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