Business Performance Assessment

A business performance assessment is a document that is prepared for judging the performance of a particular business which is already in the run. The ups and downs of the business, public response about the business, the business growth, everything has to be taken into consideration while creating a business performance assessment. The document should not be cumbersome with unnecessary details but should mainly reflect the present status of the business.

Sample Business Performance Assessment

Name of the Company: Mist Dew Dairy Products Pvt. Ltd.

Date of Assessment Presentation: 25.07.2011.

Nature of Business:

  • Mist Dew has earned its fame in the field of dairy products in all parts of United States of America because of its superior quality and preservative-free products.
  • Mist Dew deals in dairy products for the past six years and has been amongst the leading dairy brands.
  • They provide a wide range of products lining up from cottage cheese to condensed milk, etc.

Present Status of the Business in the Market:

  • We are progressing at a great speed because it has been able to make its place amongst the preferences of the mass and so it is a major sold product brand now.
  • The profit versus loss graph has a positive slope and a steep rise, indicating the massive gain of our company.

Problems causing hindrance to the business performance:

  • Lack of proper marketing officials is causing a hindrance to the efficient running of our business.
  • With the help of a wider range of transport staff for supplying the product to various departmental stores our business could have flourished even better.
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