Business Plan Assessment

Business plan assessment is an effective tool for assessing any plan related to a business. This helps to gauge the effectiveness of a plan and determines the changes that could occur due to its implementation. Hence, such a document should be so designed that it must elucidate all the important aspects for judging any particular business plan.

Sample Business Plan Assessment

Name of the business: Arden Cosmetics Ltd.

Date of presenting the assessment: 3rd June 2011

Nature of the business:

Arden Cosmetics believes that skin care is not always a daunting task. It could be made easier if the right product is applied for nourishing the skin. We just follow our philosophy and that is why we are trusted as one of the best cosmetics brand across the globe for manufacturing effective and simple skin care products. It was always our promise to the women of the generation to make them beautiful and help them to maintain healthy skin.

Recent business plan:

  • We are planning to develop a wide range of face washes which would be created with specialized technology and varieties of ingredients ranging from fruit extract to activated carbon.

Initiative taken for implementing the plan:

  • A new research lab is formed and 36 new researchers are employed who all are specialized in dermatology treatment.
  • Utilizing activated carbon is a new and innovative technique which would be handling by experts.

Requirement for implementing the plan:

  • We are in need of machinery which can estimate the amount of activated carbon that could be beneficial for skin.

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