Business Process Assessment

A business process assessment is a tool for assessing an ongoing business process efficiently. It should focus on the requirements, trade demands and on several development programs. Hence, such a document must have clear mention of all the aspects which could gauge a business process effectively.

Sample Business Process Assessment

Name of the business: Fuzin Electronics

Business process assessment report submitted to: National Council for Assessing Electronic Goods and Services.

Date of issuing the assessment report: 6t February 2011

Nature of the business:

Fuzin Electronics is a Japanese company which secured a global platform by satisfying the customers and clients efficiently. Our team of specialized engineer plays a key role in designing innovative high technology imbibed sophisticated electronic products. We offer a wide range of products to our customers understanding their need and requirement.

Recently we emerged our business in 5 other countries and created employment opportunities for over thirty thousand employees across the world.

Detailed ongoing business process:

  • We have undertaken various projects and putting our best effort for designing such electronic goods which would satisfy customer’s demand.
  • We have made the delivery process easier for the clients and do not take much time for releasing any new product on the market as well.

Issues on business process:

  • We do not have adequate software for proper management of our business for which we sometimes lose data related to transactions.
  • We still cannot provide ample equipments and machineries for proper functioning on the newly expanded factories for which employees had to face problems.

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