Business Risk Assessment

Business risk assessment is an analytical tool utilized for gauging the level of risk involved in any particular business. It identifies the risk factors efficiently and helps to eliminate potential risk, injuries and losses. Such a document should be framed crucially including all the indispensable points that are required to be assessed.

Sample Business Risk Assessment

Name of the business whose risk is to be assessed:  Johnson & Nickerson Corporation.

Assessment report to be submitted to: National industry assessing council, USA

Date of submitting the assessment report: 5th June 2011

Nature of the business: For the last 45 years of our establishment, we are taking only one initiative of introducing such products in the market which would free the children from worms and would help them to stay healthy and clean. We believe that the children are the precious gift of the god and it becomes our sole right to protect. Our vision was clear throughout which made us successful in creating wide range of innovative products for children care.

Health Risk:

  • Various types of chemicals used in laboratories could be harmful for researches. It has been found researchers do face allergic problems when their hands come in contact with those raw materials.
  • Due to prolonged use of laminar-wood chamber the researchers can come in contact with the germs and bacteria despite of adequate facilities.

Environmental Risk:

  • Non-biodegradable plastic containers are being used for packaging purposes.
  • Sometimes the waste products are released in the lakes which can lead to water pollution in the surroundings.

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