Business Value Assessment

A business value assessment is a document which highlights the importance of a business and checks whether its presence in the market will add any tangible value to the field of the business or not. It is based on certain analytical tools and there are many factors which have to be considered in creating a correct and unbiased BVA or business value assessments. The results of the assessment must be documented correctly.

Sample Business Value Assessment

Name of business: Jensen IT Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.

Year of establishment: 1992

Date of submission of business value assessment: 3rd July 2011

Business value assessment conducted by: Business Ratings Pvt. Ltd.

Factors taken into consideration in the business value assessment:

  • The synchronisation between the Strategic Objectives or SOs described in the initial prospectus of the business and how the strategic objectives affect the industry.
  • The output level of the company and how clients as well as customers are satisfied with the performance of the business.
  • The level of employee satisfaction in the business and employee feedback in the form of questionnaires.
  • Level of new technology adopted and the business’s adaptability in the face of new and exciting technological strides taken in the field of IT.
  • Scope and scale of the firm as well as profit-loss of revenue over the last five years.

Results of business value assessment:

  • The business has performed exceedingly well on all counts except for employee satisfaction.
  • There is immediate need for more recruitment if the business is to maintain its stellar performance in the BVA test.

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