Career Assessment Format

Career assessment serves as an important tool through which an individual could be guided towards the right direction of his or her career by understanding the career choice. Therefore, a proper career assessment format is necessary for assessing the exact interest of a candidate regarding his or her career.

Sample Career Assessment Format

Assessment is participated by _____________________


First Paragraph: The first paragraph of this particular assessment should state the purpose behind it. This would help the respondent to answer accordingly in an expressive approach. Irrespective of the kind of purpose the career assessment always emphasize on the candidate’s personal interest which should be highlighted in this paragraph. This is because personal interest directly affects a person’s career objectives.

Second Paragraph: The second paragraph is the most important section of the entire document; hence it has to be framed with utmost precision so that effective assessment could be carried over. This paragraph uniquely mentions about the academic qualification and skills of the candidate. Through this it could be analyzed how much efficiently the candidate is proceeding towards the career objective.

Third Paragraph: The last paragraph should assess the candidate’s strength and weakness. This gives a clear picture that how much a candidate can put effort to make his or her career objective successful. Even this paragraph could also mention about the questions related to work experience and other qualities of the candidate. Moreover, this is the paragraph where one can thoroughly analyze a contention of a candidate efficiently and how much he or she can endure to make his or her career goals successful.

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