Career Assessment Template

Career assessment is an important tool through which the career objective of a person could be gauged. Even this can help to determine the right track to his or her career. Hence, such kind of career assessment template should be constructed with utmost efficiency in order to determine the exact outlook of a respondent.

Sample Career Assessment Template

Name of the respondent: __________________________ [mention the name of the person who is answering the assessment]

Date of birth _________________ [dd/mm/yy]

Present profession __________________ [The respondent should mention his or her present profession, so that an effective assessment could be carried out]

Career Objectives: [mention the career objectives point wise]

  • ___________ [career objective 1]
  • ___________ [career objective 2]
  • ___________ [career objective 3]

Educational Qualification: [mention the academic qualification of the respondent in details]

  • ________________ [educational qualification 1]
  • ________________ [educational qualification 2]
  • ________________ [educational qualification 3]

Skills and other attributes: [state the skills and other attributes of the respondents effectively so that it helps to gauge how efficiently the candidate is progressing towards his or her career objectives]

  • ________________________ [ skills and other attributes 1]
  • ________________________ [ skills and other attributes 2]
  • ________________________ [ skills and other attributes 3]


Mention briefly whether your present profession suits your career objectives or not?


What are the steps you are taking to accomplish your career objectives?


How long it would take for you to fulfill your career objectives?


State briefly the hindrance (if any) you faced till date while fulfilling your career objective?


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