Career Evaluation Assessment

A career evaluation assessment is one that helps a candidate seeking employment to figure out if their career choice is right. The assessment is also for those who are entering the job for the first time but are devoid of other traditional college education.

This career evaluation is a detailed examination of the assessment tools that help a candidate to select a career, to identify their strength and skills and helps in planning the career in a better way. There are several exercises a candidate can make use of to evaluate the skills that help obtaining better job opportunities.

Sample Career Evaluation Assessment

The career evaluation assessment is a tool which can help you to achieve an indication of what jobs are applicable to you and your interests and abilities. There are many career assessments available which needs to be answered so as to know what type of job is applicable to you.

Name of the Candidate – Mr. Anthony Ferraro,

Designation – Junior Manager

Company Name – Associated Innovative Solutions Ltd, #3, Armond Street, Gloucestireshire, London, GL12

Please answer the following questions in order to complete your career evaluation assessment for the year 2013-2014.

1) Please specify your interest in the job you are in at present?

Very High Interest

2) Do you feel motivated and satisfied to work in the present job with the job responsibilities assigned to you?

High Motivation and Job Satisfaction

3) Do you think your personal talents and skills match your job profile in every possible way?

Yes 90% match

4) Do you think you interact well with people at all levels in a professional manner at your present workplace?

Good Interpersonal Skills at all levels

5) What are your strengths that you feel make you the most suitable person in your present job position?

Good Professional Qualities to excel on the job

The candidate has been found to have good career qualities that make him a suitable candidate in the said position and also scope for higher career enhancements as well.

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