Career Path Appreciation Assessment

Career path appreciation assessment is a document which gives imminent views to explore the candidate’s career history very closely. This assessment can help a candidate in honing the existing skills or acquiring new skills that help in career path over a period of time.

A candidate gets appreciation after thorough evaluation of the career history and after taking into account the important capacity levels such as Conceptual skills, Self Assessment and Strategic leadership. This assessment helps not only the candidate but also an organization as future expectations from the candidate are well understood in a clear manner.

Sample Career Path Appreciation Assessment

We request all the employees to take time out to read the following sections and answer the questions that are given.

Please answer the purpose of career path appreciation assessment :

(I) Recruitment

  1. Did you take up your career path according to your educational background?
  2. Do you think your education and work experience matches with the career you are presently in?

(II) Career development

  1. Do you feel your career path has progressed steadily over a period of time?
  2. Do you think there is progress in your responsibilities that makes you feel satisfied about your job?

(III) Succession planning

  1. Do you believe that your performance over the years in your career has been judged properly?
  2. Do you think your career path has more scope for development and progress in future?

(IV) Talent management

  1. Do you think your employer has been successful in assessing and making use of your full potential in the position assigned to you?
  2. Has your employer conducted a competency analysis to understand your competencies in a better way?

This career path appreciation assessment will help us in a mutual recognition for long-term development within a certain framework according to the above questions answered by the employee.

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