Career Personality Assessment

A career personality assessment is used to gauge whether the person is fit for that particular job and assess whether the person will be able to exercise the duties.  It is a document which will analyze the facts of an individual, based on character and behavioral traits.

An employer also makes use of personality test to learn the candidate’s unique and specific qualities and then tally the results with the responsibilities of the job. The career personal assessment must be presented in comprehensive manner in the form of an assessment report and highlight the basics of that particular job.

Sample Career Personality Assessment

Name of Employer: Financial Resolution Company Pvt Ltd

Date of Contract: 1st December 2013

Name of Employee / Assessor: Job Wilson

Date of Birth of Employee: 12th December 1989

Purpose of Career Personality Assessment:

  • To ensure that an individual is compatible to do the required job based.
  • To know about the candidates likings and dislikes and also whether the job will be suitable to the candidate or will it be favorable to him.
  • To analyze the candidates know how and about his working ability and capacity so that the employer can get some feedback about the candidates potential. Whether he will be able to continue with the job for a longer duration and discharge his duties as per the employer’s requirements.
  • This career personal assessment is also part of the company’s recruitment program which is organized by them to offer all necessary information to the candidate.
  • For personality test where the aim is to find the best career choices and the questions may be designed around working scenarios and situations.
  • However for assessments leaning to assess a person’s character the questions may be more about regular day to day scenarios.
  • The career personal assessment shall form part of the interview screening of selected candidates and they are expected to complete the assessment with this in mind.

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