Career Skills Assessment

A career skills assessment is an exercise in assessing the career suitability or requirements of a particular individual. This is often conducted by career counselors with a view to understanding the career fields which are most likely to suit a particular individual. Often schools and colleges, or companies can evaluate the career-readiness of potential employees to gauge their merits and the strengths they will be bringing with them into their work space.

Sample Career Skills Assessment:

Career skills assessment conducted by: Career Whiz Pvt. Ltd.

Date of submission: 23rd June 2012

Name of individual: Jason Smith

Age: 23 years

Educational qualifications:

  • Has completed his post graduation in Mass Communication from the University of Leibnitz in 2012 with commendable achievement.
  • Has completed his graduation in English from University of Leibnitz in 2010 with a first class.
  • Has completed high school GED from Dell High School, New York.

Desired profession: Political Journalism.


  • The candidate has excellent theoretical knowledge in this subject, and has also participated in considerable internships with reputed media houses.
  • He has also been awarded the “Most Promising Student of the Year” award by the University in 2012.

Areas to work on:

  • The candidate needs to intern with a major and reputed publishing house in order to grasp an understanding of how it functions. Political journalism must be preceded by other kinds of write-ups which have to be approved at first.
  • He also needs to improve his communication and networking skills.

Band score: 50-60


Please check overleaf for the candidate’s performance in the career skills test and key to the band scores.



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