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Employee Performance Assessment

An employee performance assessment is the process of adjudging the abilities and the performance of a certain employee. These assessments must be conducted because they help an organisation assess the capabilities of the employee and then figure out how to get the best of the employee by advising him/ her on the areas which need improvement. The assessment is an important tool for the organisation and is generally conducted by an official who is higher in position to the employee or a subordinate.

Sample Employee Performance Assessment

Date of evaluation: ___________________________________

Evaluation conducted by: ______________________________

Name of the employee: __________________________________________

Job Title held: _________________________________________________

Employed Since: _______________________________________________

Employee ID No.: ______________________________________________

Answer the following questions appropriately as required by the question/ statement:

1. Is the employee regular for work and whenever delayed is so due to some viable reason after being permitted by the management?
a. Yes, always
b. No. never
c. Sometimes on time, sometimes not.

2. Is the employee cooperative with all the members of the team he/ she is working in, when associated with a team?
a. Yes
b. No

3. Is the employee quick in following the orders of his/ her superiors and fulfilling the work duty so assigned to him/ her?
a. Yes, always
b. No, never
c. Sometimes

4. Has there been a positive change in the working environment of the department because of the employee’s presence?
a. Yes
b. No, no change at all
c. No, the environment has become comparatively negative.

5. Is the employee in your option reliable when it comes to important work?
a. Yes
b. No

6. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest/ best level) write the level of following traits you believe the employee possess:

a. Dedication _________________
b. Hard work _________________
c. Discipline _________________
d. Coordination _________________
e. Enthusiasm _________________
f. Ethics _________________
g. Initiative _________________