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Sports Assessments

Sport Assessments are evaluation procedures of reviewing a medical history of an athlete, laboratory screening of a player and their routine physical examination. Such an assessment program helps the sports player to avail quality health care services and rehabilitation progress services. Muscular strength, body fitness and physical flexibilities are measured by the health care professionals.

In the other words, a sports assessment program encourages the physical fitness and awareness among the sports persons & students. By employing the various physical exercise techniques and diagnostic methods, sports assessment centres offer great help to the players facing serious injuries and drug allegations.

Types of Sports Assessments:

  • Pre Participation Sports Assessment
  • Psychological Sports Assessment
  • Fitness Sports Assessment
  • Athlete training sports Assessment, etc

Following discussed factors and attributes must be considered properly before drafting & initiating a sports assessment procedure:

  • Choose a recommended format for initiating a sport assessment such as a multiple questionnaire, online form, physical screening interview and theoretical test, etc.
  • Review the sports assessment document to ensure that important fields such as the player name, address and contact details and medical history sections should be mentioned.
  • Evaluate certain standard physical measures such as athlete‚Äôs behaviour during screening & treatment, an improvement ratio recorded currently and satisfaction & communication level of the player.
  • Carefully notice the overall injury recovery and progress in the physical & psychological traits section of a sports assessment program.
  • Pen out if there is any important remark required to be mentioned in a sports assessment.
  • Document the received feedback in a permanent record for the future use and seal it with authorized signatures.

Hence, a sports assessment process helps the students & players to understand their current physical condition and to opt for the recommended physical measures.