Childhood Health Assessment

A childhood health assessment is a document which pinpoints the important areas of consideration as far as childhood health is concerned. Such a document can be prepared by a school counselor, a child psychologist, teachers or even parents. It is a must in today’s day and age when stress begins right from childhood itself. The findings of the childhood health assessment need to be worked on very seriously.

Sample Childhood Health Assessment

Name of school: Green Field High School

Year of establishment: 1992

Address: 22 Brent Street, New Jersey

Childhood health assessment conducted by: Mira Gomes, school counselor.

Purpose of childhood health assessment:

  • A childhood healthy assessment is critical as we can then monitor a child’s growth and progress, both academic and emotional as well as physical, right from the beginning.
  • A childhood health assessment has become a must in today’s world where factors like peer pressure and overexposure have become very real concerns.
  • A childhood health assessment also establishes a point of contact between parents and the school. It is necessary for the parents to have a proper medium of communication with the school counselor as these persons are the best judges of the child’s emotional and physical wellbeing.

Nature of childhood health assessment:

  • Every student from class three to six shall undergo some medical tests including vaccination. They will also undergo one to one sessions with the school counselor.
  • The results of the childhood health assessment shall be mailed to the guardians of the children after ten days. They are requested to keep the information contained therein strictly confidential to prevent the child from feeling isolated or traumatized.

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