College Career Assessment

College career assessment is the process by which college students are evaluated and judged so that they can be rescued from any dilemma related to career selection. College is the threshold of retiring from student- life and entering into the job sector. Hence it must be correctly administered and completed within time to get the most useful results.

Sample College Career Assessment

Name of the person: Ken Brooke

Date of birth: 4th August, 1990

Purpose of assessment: Since college is the transition between the time when a student is forced into an academic decision and the time when he steers himself into an appropriate path, the assessment tries to establish coherence between the two.

Benefits of assessment: This would back the student’s desires and allow him to take the right decision about his career after college ends.

Educational background:

  • BA honours in Education
  • Diploma in Social service

Assessment tests and their results:

1. Campbell Interest and Skill Survey outlines the skills in a particular sphere and interests exhibited in one’s actions, thoughts and habits. The test results show that the aspirant has a genuine likeness in social work.

2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter is an advanced test to sort out one’s dominant temperamental factors manifested in overt activities. The scores show that he has approved sense of commiseration and sympathy towards the needy.

3. Self-Directed Search is a test devised especially for college students looking for guidance in career specialization. The answer profile here reveals that the candidate has a true sense of social responsibility which is immensely required in social jobs.


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