College Skills Assessment

A college skills assessment is an evaluative exercise conducted on students or even professors in order to test their suitability as per the guideline laid down by the college authorities. This assessment is conducted by measuring the student or the professor’s performance based on certain parameters. The parameters will of course differ with respect to the person being analyzed, but care should be taken to make the assessment an unbiased, scientific and comprehensive one.

Sample College Skills Assessment

The following document is a sample college skills assessment document which is part of our annual review of students and their performance for that year.

Course: Renaissance Drama

Course Coordinator: Professor Michelle Logan

Date: 23rd June 2012

Name of student to be assessed: Deborah Tiffany

Academic Merit: The student has displayed admirable academic acumen in tackling this difficult course. Her performance in the internal assessments and in the just-concluded semester examinations has been above par and satisfactory.

Depth of research: Research, which is an integral part of college courses, is not the student’s forte. This area has to be consistently improved on. The student must participate in seminars and workshops to improve her paper-presenting skills which will be a must if she wishes to pursue a career in academics.

Extracurricular Activities: Extracurricular activities are also an integral part of the college environment. The student has shown proficiency in consistent participation in such activities and has won laurels for debating and extemporizing in inter-collegiate events of great repute.

Marks awarded:

Term Paper: 5.6 on 10

End semester examination: 25 on 40

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