College Student Assessment

Stepping to college after crossing the boundary of school is almost an experience like a rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood or the much needed journey from innocence to experience. Set free from the security and cocoon of the school premises, college acts like a learning ground for students helping them to acquaint and adjust themselves to the outer world. Hence, adjusting to college life demands some time and effort. Not only is it a new place filled with new experiences, it is also fraught with new friends, new atmosphere and a whole new life. College student assessment assesses this basic behavioral pattern of college students, their ability or inability to cope with new challenges and thereby, enables timely intervention when needed to prevent drop outs.

Sample College Student Assessment

College Student Assessment conducted by: Student Counseling body, Texas College.

Name of the student: Susie Parker.

Age: 18 years.

Purpose of the assessment: To identify the challenges faced by the student in her college life and assess her reactions to them.

Assessment method: The student was given a set of situations in accordance to which her responses were judged and analyzed to assess her college life experience.

Situations given:

  • Were you ragged by your seniors? Do you feel it changed senior/junior equation? Or was it ugly and painful?
  • How would you describe the atmosphere of your college?
  • What was your initial response to your classmates?
  • How do you feel your college experience has influenced your lifestyle?


The student is found to be adjusting well to the new environment and making fast friends. Hence, it may be concluded that the student is, in all probability, here to stay and may not choose to drop out unless some unprecedented circumstance crops up in the future.

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