Communication Skills Assessment

The communication skills assessment is a process wherein the ability of an individual to communicate in a proper and coherent manner is measured. This can be done in both the professional and the academic field. The important thing is to create certain standards against which these skills are gauged. Essentially such an assessment is created to understand how well the information is being transferred and which places require improvement. The communications skills assessment is extremely necessary for certain specific work like customer service providers, sales etc.

Sample Communication Skills Assessment

The University of Michigan has hired XTY Sound Box Co. to conduct a communication skills assessment in order to examine the communication capability of the faculty of the Department of English.

Name: Prof. Darwin Leo

Specialization in: Milton (Prose and Poetry)

Date: 4.5.2011

Purpose: To understand how effectively the Professor has communicated to and covered the syllabus for the student.


  • Ability to explain complex concepts: Over 80% of the students have affirmed this with positive feedback
  • Open to questions in class: Over 79% of the students have given positive feedback with respect to all the classes that have taken place.
  • Approachability: Very approachable in class. Although, some students have complained about his lack of presence after class.
  • Student-Teacher Rapport: Over 77% of the students have commended Prof. Leo’s ability to openly communicate and engage with different students.


  • Prof. Leo is approachable and is able to communicate effectively all that is necessary for the students.
  • The students have rated him highly for his ability to inform and teach complex concepts with ease.


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