Community Health Assessment

The community health assessment is basically an evaluation document that understands the key concepts determining the health of a particular community and the inhabitants living in it. Such an assessment not only involves the recognition of the health standards mainly of the residents but also includes programs to identify the risk factors and work out efficient methods to help prevent them.

Sample Community Health Assessment:

Community Health Assessment prepared for: Highland Real Estate

[The entire area is considered under thorough study]

Assessment prepared by: James Institute of Health and Medicine

Members of the core team: Mr. Joseph Rogers, Managing Head of the institute.

Miss Jennifer Winston, Senior Executive [in-charge of the community health assessment project]

Assessment preparation supervised by: National Council for Ensuring Public Health

Assessment done on: 4th July, 2011

Details of assessment procedure:

  • Analyzing the prevailing health conditions of the community.
  • Understanding the gaps, wherever so present, in the provision of health facilities.
  • Devising proper and scientifically sound techniques that will cover up all such faults and spread awareness to follow the correct healthy practices.
  • Identifying the prevalent diseases, especially the communicable ones, and strictly suggesting vaccines and such preventive measure.

Result of the assessment:

The assessment indicated a strong need to spread awareness regarding community health among the relatively poorer sections which happen to be less educated. Certain vaccines and medicines need to be provided to them completely free of any costs. Also, the need for population control to ensure better health is to be explained clearly.

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