Competitive Career Assessment

A competitive career assessment is an evaluation of a person’s academic records, soft skills, personality, aptitude, and to judge the correct career which is suitable for the person. Competitive careers include tax managers, senior level accountants, company controllers and other related jobs. The assessment procedure includes questionnaire, interview, survey and other technical processes.

Sample Competitive Career Assessment:

Name of the candidate: Robert Williams.

Date of Birth:  12/09/1985.

Educational Qualification:

  • Bachelor of Science in Economics, London School of Economics.
  • Master of Science in Economics, London School of Economics.
  • Master of Business Administration, London Business School.
  • Diploma in German Language, Maxmuller Institute, Germany.

Career objectives:

  • Company Controller.
  • Tax manager.
  • Financial analyst.

Purpose of this assessment: the aim of this career assessment is to analyze, which of the above mentioned competitive career is suited for the candidate, depending upon his potential and talent.

Other skills and attributes:

  • The person in concern is a good public speaker and takes interest in debating and public speaking.
  • He has taken part in local volunteering organization, which reveals his leadership and management skills.


  • Which is the job of your top most priority?

I want to secure the job of a financial analyst. My second and third choices are company controller and tax manager respectively. I feel equipped to perform the first task with ease and dedication.

  • Why do you think that that you are eligible for this job?

My knowledge and talent will help me to carry on this job with accuracy and perfection. Studying economics and business for so many years has provided me with a base to secure this job. I think I am well suited for this.

Counselor’s Report:

After going through the person’s past records, academic history, personality and skills, I feel that the position of a financial analyst is well suited for him. However, he needs to secure a degree of a Certified Public Accountant, before applying for the job. The job of a Company Controller is also suitable for him. He meets nearly all demands of that job. However, the position of a Tax manager is not suitable for him. He is not trained and educated to secure its position.

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