Computer Skills Assessment

The computer skills assessment is a method through which companies or employers are able to evaluate the employees about their stated computer skills. This is a way through which the employers can measure the efficiency of the employee in terms of specific computer programs, basic computer operation skills etc. This can also be used by academic institutions to assess the students’ performance on the computer. It is important to create a detailed assessment report in order to correctly ascertain and implement improvements wherever necessary.

Sample Computer Skills Assessment:

The computer skills assessment has been reported and documented for SUYN Co. Ltd.

Name of Employee: Michael Davis

Employee Designation: Executive Secretary

Specific Criteria for Assessment: Basic Computer Skills in Microsoft Office.

Date: 7.6.2012

Purpose: To gauge the computer operating skills of Mr. Davis who is required to frequently use the computer for various office purposes.

Skills Assessment:

  • Microsoft Word 2007: Mr. Davis is fairly well-trained and shows a proficiency level of 87%\
  • Microsoft Excel 2007: Mr. Davis can manage basic features but not well equipped to handle complex formulae. He scores 69%.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007: Mr. Davis is well able to handle this and has scored 92%.


Mr. Davis shows familiarity with Microsoft Office and has scored an overall 80%. However few points need improvement:

  • Microsoft Excel training needs to be taken up to improve performance.
  • He must also increase his typing speed from 70 to 90 words per minute.
  • Needs to be well-acquainted with other features of Microsoft Word.

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