Cricket Skills Assessment

Cricket skills assessment is one of the most important test that cricketers go through from time to time to determine the competency of their skills and strengths in comparison to his/her previous statistics. Being one of the most detailed sports tests, it is a highly accurate test if conducted carefully and is a superb machinery when it comes to predicting the future of the cricketer. This assessment tool can also prove beneficial in providing the right guide for the improvement of the player.

Sample Cricket Skills Assessment.

Name: Brian Mathews

Age: 24 years

Sports academy/club of candidate: Royal Cricket Club.

Position of Cricketer: All-rounder

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012

Conducted by: Cricketing wiz kids, Sydney.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

Speed Test – A 30m straight line test area is marked and candidate is asked to run around the total distance. The best time result is noted.

Batter Speed Test – Use a cricket pitch or mark out an area of the right length. In full batting kit (including bat) the batter takes three runs as quickly as possible.

Upper Body Strength Test – Candidate is made to do as many as push-ups he can in a given time. The number and accuracy is noted.

Skills Technique Test – The biomechanical video analysis is the best test for this. The results are very accurate. The basic actions included hip rotation, head position and follow through.

Catching Test – Have a ball throw or hit to player from 30 yards. Record the number of successful catches out of 10.

Ground Fielding Test – Have a wicketkeeper or coach roll the ball out to a marker 10 yards from the stumps. Pick up with 1 or 2 hands (depending on the test type) and return to the keeper. Record the number of clean pick ups out of 10.

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