Customer Service Self Assessment

In this age of consumer awareness and competitive consumerism, the new mantra for success is to keep customers happy and satisfied. Hence, with the passage of time, customer service has evolved as one of the primary concerns for any business. Customer service self assessment is a tool that analyses the prevalent customer service offered by a particular company, probes into its weaknesses and thereby, paves way for its improvement for the sake of the company’s betterment of business prospects.

Sample Customer Service Self Assessment

Customer service self-assessment of: Happymeal Services

Date of the report: April 14, 2012

Purpose: To analyze the customer service provided by the company and seeks ways for improvement.

Procedure: A set of questionnaire was handed to the employees working in the customer service department of the company and a handful of random customers of variant age groups. It is their responses upon which the assessment is based.


Approach to complaints: Almost 70% of the customers have confessed that the concerned people in the sector have given their complaints. Almost all the employees have responded that they have reacted positively to any complaint lodged by any customers.

Promptness to responding to complaints: 60% of the customers have agreed that the company offers prompt services whenever they have been posed with a problem. 45% of the employees’ responses reveal that they indeed take minimal response time to address the issues raised by customers.

Efficacy of the service: 30% of the customers have claimed that the customer service sector has actually acted on their complaints. Almost all employees have confessed that most of the complaints lodged get shelved rather than solved.

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