Customs Self Assessment

With the notion of global citizenship gaining grounds, every year billions of goods are transported across borders. And, with the increase in the number of goods transferred from one place to another, the importance of the customs department has increased in leaps and bounds. Customs self-assessment entails a thorough analysis of the operations of customs department of any country or state.

Sample Customs Self Analysis

Customs self-analysis of: Flyhigh Airlines

Location: Flyinggroung Airport, New York

Aim: To analyze the functionality of the customs sector and check its efficacy.

Analytical tools used: The customs department was surveyed; questionnaires were handed out to the employees to gauge the day-to-day operations of the customs there. Passenger responses were also elicited in order to get a holistic view of the condition of the customs sector.



  • In terms of promptness the customs department is found to be unparallel. Customers confessed that they were never kept waiting due to the inefficiency of the employees.
  • The detention policy is found to be considerably well planned and rational. It covers the usual security checks and also involves innovative procedures of identifying and processing suspicious packages.
  • The behavior of the employees is found to be impressive and courteous. No complaints of harassment or unnecessary detentions have been traced.


  • The detention policy is found to be somewhat racist and anti-marginalized. Several of the colored people have confessed to being subject to illogical harassment or being confronted with undesired questions.

Suggestions: The detention policy must be revised as while the system is perfect for the fairer class it is unfairly biased against the marginalized.

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