Developmental Reading Assessment

A developmental reading assessment or a DRA is an examination of the reading skills of students from kindergarten to about the eighth grade. This is a kind of examination which takes into account a child’s comprehension, reading, speech faculty, and listening abilities. There are different levels of gradation offered after a developmental reading assessment, and the whole purpose of a developmental reading assessment is to analyze the kind of books or other reading material that should be supplied to children.

Sample Developmental Reading Assessment:

Name of child: Rita Gomes

Date of Birth: 13th June 2007

Standard: 2

School: Green Fields High School

Grade obtained after Developmental Reading Assessment: 20 [which corresponds to standard 3]

Comments: The student shows an aptitude for reading and verbal analysis, which is the reason why she got a score that corresponds to a level more advanced than Standard 2.

Reading: The student scored 6 out of 10 in the section and she has shown an admirable grasp of the words. She can understand and interpret texts on her own without the supervision of teachers.

Comprehension: The student has scored 5 out of 10 in this section. She needs improvement in understanding the full implication of the text. She has problems deciphering every word and their relevance in the text.

Clarity: The student has been awarded a score of 10 on 10 in this section as she has displayed an admirable clarity of thought while reading and writing. She is clear about what she is reading, and also shows this in how she reads.

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