Diabetes Health Assessment

Diabetes is a serious medical condition that occurs due to the effect of glucose metabolism in the body. Diabetes health assessment is a tool for determining diabetes health of a person, group or community in order to take preventive measures before it turns into a life threatening menace.

Sample Diabetes Health Assessment

Diabetes Health Assessment in Middle Aged People

Organization which is conducting the Assessment: Institution of Health Research

Objective of the assessment:

This assessment aims at estimating the diabetic health of people in middle aged group. This is because; through various researches it has been found that development of type 2 diabetes generally occurs at this age. Moreover, it involves various risk factors along with it and could be life threatening at times.

Intended group of people: The diabetes health assessment is being directed to the people of age group: 35-49.

Components of Diabetes Health Assessment:

  • Concern participants should undergo a blood test 3 months prior to the type 2 diabetes risk evaluation.
  • In accordance to the relevant guidelines, medical history and clinical investigations of the patients are also being considered for the purpose of assessment.
  • Identifying the risk factors involved by lifestyle modification program.

Assessment Result:

Through assessing various factors it has been identified that risk of type 2 diabetes is increasing tremendously around the world among the middle aged people. This is due to the consumption of high calorific foods. It could become life threatening if the blood glucose level remains high scoring and it is kept untreated.


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