Director Self Assessment

Director self assessment is a test designed to evaluate and analyze the performance of an individual as a director of a company. The assessment allows one to reflect upon the responsibilities that one needs to shoulder by virtue of one’s post and thereby judge how far one is able to accomplish those responsibilities and what improvements may be done.

Sample Director Self Assessment

Director self-assessment of: Alan Grisham

Date: March 25, 2012

Director of: Efficient Group

Procedure involved in the director self-assessment: The test is a psychological one that aims to analyze whether one possesses the qualities that make a good director. The individual is asked a volley of questions and is then assessed according to his responses. The questions asked are:

  • Whether one chooses to be a leader or a follower.
  • What would one do if he observes disunity among his team of employees.
  • How would one react if any of his ideas are challenged or disapproved by his employees.
  • What is the percentage of one’s attendance in board meetings.
  • How much knowledge does one possesses regarding the day to day functioning of one’s company and the performance of one’s employees.
  • To what degree has he contributed to the growth of the company since his appointment to the post.

Findings on the basis of the responses received:


  • Likes to lead from the front. Tough decision maker.
  • Team worker. Well accepted and respected among the employees.
  • Visionary. Has contributed significantly to the growth of the company.
  • Actively involved in the day to day affairs of the office.
  • Has created a friendly, democratic environment in the office.

Areas demanding attention:

  • Hot tempered. Loses cool at the slightest provocation.
  • Adamant. Might get seriously adamant when confronted or challenged.


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