Education Assessment Format

Education assessment format drafts the main beliefs and attitudes of a learner. It highlights the learner’s characteristics, traits and abilities in learning and adapting. It must be expressed very clearly and systematically to get a general view of the learner’s developments as well as his orientation to learning.

Sample Education Assessment Format

Name of the respondent ____________________

Date of presenting the assessment _________________

First Paragraph: The first paragraph must state the name of the organization commissioning the education assessment. It must explicate the nature of education and the group or section of individuals whose educational assessment is being prepared. The implied need for the education assessment must be laid bare as that forms the backbone of the entire assessment. The name of the external agency or concerned department must be named too. All the details are mandatory for the institution to know the learners needs and concerns.

Second paragraph: The second paragraph must proceed to the benefits of carrying out such education assessment and the issues pertaining to the success. It must make clear what kind of supervision, teaching methods and learning matter are necessary Vis-a Vis the prevailing systems. It must also refer to the type of measuring tools used for objective analysis of the learner’s skills, knack, aptitude, intelligence and interest zone.

Third Paragraph: The third paragraph must end in a conclusion drawn on the basis of the assessment. It must have the necessary details of the changes to be made and must summarise the findings in a concise manner. It must be remembered that the suggestions and findings will be used as a basis to bring about a blameless education system.

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