Education Assessments

Education Assessments are dynamic process of documenting the overall knowledge, attitude and skills of an individual learner. This procedure is a measurable term, which plays a vital role to record the learning performance of learning community such as classes, academic sessions, workshops and institutional groups. A series of theoretical and experimental practices are considered & evaluated to file the education assessment of a particular department or the whole education system by following certain ethical standards and benchmarks. In the other words, education assessment encompasses learning evaluation of students, teachers, schools and educational organizations. Motivational & learning style, learner aptitude & preparation method and beliefs & assumptions are the major factors to asses a particular school, college and institute.

Types of education Assessments:

  • School Educational Assessment
  • Teacher Educational Assessment
  • Colleague educational Assessment
  • Institutional Educational assessment, etc

Following mentioned factors & attributes should be considered careful while preparing an Education Assessment:

  • Review the testing material such as reading & writing questionnaires and revise the important test format consisting of education assessment record form.
  • Get familiarized with the procedure of education assessment by ensuring the standard learning assessment code & conducts.
  • Prepare the student or learning individual before observing his/ her vocabulary skills, fluency level, knowledge & skills of a particular subject, etc.
  • Employ the functions of assessment such as formative, diagnostic and summative to educate a student about his overall performance and weak points need to be learnt more attentively.
  • Document the educational assessment of students and punch it in a permanent record for future reference after signing & sealing it.
  • Do not forget to mention special remarks if there is any.

Thus, an educational assessment is an essential procedure to rate the educational level of a student, teacher and an educational organization.

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