Education Needs Assessment

An education needs assessment is an important document for the improvement of any educational institution since it provides a detail of each and every need of the organization and thus highlights all those areas which specifically need to be developed. The assessment can serve as a really effective devise and should thus be performed very efficiently and presented in a lucid manner.

Sample Education Needs Assessment

Name of the educational institute: St. Mary’s Convent High School.

Overview of the school:

  • The school is one of the best institutes for high school education for girls and it is evident from the increasing number of admissions each year, since 1996.
  • It has always been our primary motive to provide our students with not just the best level of education but also the best etiquettes and instill in them a rigorous sense of discipline, punctuality and obedience.
  • We do not consider girls to be any lesser than boys and have thus always arranged for various sports activities for them and have garnered team spirit in them.

Education Needs:

  • As the student capacity is gradually increasing, we are facing a dearth of efficient teachers. Hence we have experienced the need to increase our faculty members so as to keep the student-teacher ratio efficiently intact.
  • We want to instill a strong sense of self-respect and an independent attitude among all girls and would thus like to organize intellectual meets and seminars at regular intervals. Hence we need sponsors for organizing the same.
  • We would also like to increase our hall area to accommodate the present strength of 2750 students, 62 faculty members and 34 non-teaching staff. Thus we need contractors to contact us.

Please contact:

Miss Maria Jane


St. Mary’s Convent High School

76- P/ II, Halley Road


00 44 – 20 – 475291845869

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